Secondary Glazed Windows


'Measuring carbon footprint' and 'becoming more sustainable' are phrases that we hear with greater regularity. There is also growing importance of good to high EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ratings, to ensure buildings meet acceptable standards for letting and also enhance their market value. High energy prices have put budgets of all sizes under strain and longer term indicators suggest that energy prices will remain high. Our buildings also account for more than 40% of all carbon emissions so any method of reducing this through controlled measures or improved insulation is very desirable. One way to cut down on draughts and keep heat within is to create a second barrier to the elements from the inside and install secondary double glazing.


In this ever changing fast paced world, it is hard to sit and enjoy peace and quiet. Many of the buildings we use for living, studying, working and socialising were built many years ago to standards of their time, but are now unsuited to the demands of life today. So how do we relax when we encounter noise from heavy traffic, aircraft, noisy pubs and clubs or even noisy neighbours. By using the right combination of Selectaglaze secondary glazing to block out the disturbances, you can create comfortable environments to concentrate, enable a peaceful night's sleep, relax and raise your quality of life.

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